My Vision

I dream of a world in which every woman feels safe, fulfilled, empowered and free.

My Mission

I provide unique, powerful and intuitive life coaching services that strengthen your sexual and emotional intelligence.

My Core Values

I believe…

  • in the power of sexual self-knowledge
  • in the restorative power of belly laughs
  • a deep commitment to one’s personal values = commitment
  • we have to recommit to our values every single day
  • the only limits we have are self-imposed
  • everyday kindness creates peace and love inside and out
  • in the healing power of a great song

I value…

  • the necessity of a challenging conversation with an intimate partner
  • deep feeling, devotion and affection
  • planning and the beauty of a well written to do list
  • generosity in all forms
  • the power of good design
  • being of service
  • the down beat of the divine
  • learning for learning’s sake

I love…

  • my husband’s openness and commitment
  • that no subject is off limits
  • my family life
  • all things cinematic
  • the uplift of a well written “self-help” book
  • Nordstrom Rack
  • Santa Fe, NM
  • Bikram Yoga
  • the gathering of people in one room for one purpose
  • all my favorite television shows
  • my unabashed enthusiasm for pop culture
  • my devotion to making my marriage and family the best that it can be
  • learning and education