Hi, I’m Eve Ford. Welcome to my blog.

I’m a Media Literacy Educator, Cineaste, TV Addict, and Arm-chair critic.

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Many of you may remember that movies used to run on reel to reel projectors. Each reel fit 20 minutes of film.  Two projectors stood side by side and the projectionist would have to close one lens and open the other every 20 minutes for the length of the film. If there was a break or tear in the film, the projectionist would have to edit and tape it.  The film would be loaded into cans and transported through the mail. It is not a dying art. It is, in fact dead and digitized.  The two projection reels photographed above are on the wall in my house above my TV.  They were bent and became unusable and the head projectionist at the Ken Theatre in San Diego, CA,  gifted them to me. They are my most treasured possession.  Even though I was only 14 years old (in 1980), I used to watch movies at the Ken, as it was known,  at least once a week (thanks, Mom, for driving me!)

Therefore, my initiation into the world of cinema consisted of international fare from the 50′s and 60′s and American classics. Although my formal training in film criticism didn’t come until later, my love for and devotion to all things cinematic had begun.  Eventually, I became friends with the projectionist and saw many of the movies from the voyeuristic perspective of the projection room. I watched the movies and watched the audience as they watched too.  I considered myself an intellectual; revival houses and coffee shops were the de rigueur hang outs for the likes of me.